Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Security Model Overview

This is a high-level look at our unique security model.

All Pathways are Secure

No party involved can tamper with the system. All access pathways are securely blocked with keys.

Our System is Complete

The system is Convenient, Secure, Auditable, Private and Transparent. These are the core goals of any voting scheme. The arrows in the diagram point to audit points to show the system meets


The voter never has to leave home.


Pathways are blocked via the use of industry standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and secure hashes (MD5). The simplicity of the system makes it very easy to secure. It also makes it easy to validate that security.


The system is open to audit to verify that mailboxes match voters and keys match mailboxes. Individual voter groups may also get together to audit their own votes as a collective. Everything remains open to inspection by third party audit, including the various security walls.


No one party, except the voter themselves has enough information to identify a voter to his vote.


The system can be audited with confidence that audit results are sound. Additionally, the system in 'transparent' to the voters in that they can actually verify that their own vote in particular was recorded as they cast it.

Two Keys Are Needed

To match a voter to his vote, two keys are needed. Only the voter has both and only for himself. Only if the election sponsor and the delivery agent collude can the system be broken. However, we can make as many keys necessary as we chose. The system is sound.